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The Research on Improving Technologys for Sound Insulation of the Facades and Facade Elements


1. Origin of the study Nnoises of building environment consists of vibration made from human activity and equipment spread into interior sapce through windows, doors , walls etc. According to the survey "study the status of the investigation and the investigation diagnosis ring mechanism residential tone" of the 98 to 99 years results residents are disturbed by the noises made by traffic and cases of construction.If the noise is over the standards formulated by government, the noise producer will be obliged to solve the problem.But the relativy standards can not cover all kind of noise problems.In order to ensure the quality of the acoustics of building environment,we apply the research of the facade of building in sound insulation techniques and the references of design to make the system of the sound insulation of architecture. Methods and procedure of the study Study includes both noise performance and laboratory building facades opening of the energy component of the measured noise, the main purpose is to establish an effective system of measurement and assessment procedures, and quantitative assessment and analysis to understand the impact factor, explore and construction noise measured through the performance management system is proposed to change the effective opening of the exterior walls and insulation resistance measures. In addition to the analysis by the measured sound insulation of walls and openings elements, the present study also established by the noise performance of the external wall openings elements wall insulation performance overall estimate, and actual cases of building facades compare construct effective estimation model. 2. Important findings This study investigated the management system of the domestic building facades and openings have been completed, measurement and evaluation system and the proposed establishment of an effective sound insulation walls and openings estimation model and Improvement Suggestions, studies are as follows: (1) In this study, a comparative analysis of domestic and foreign construction decree sound environmental management system, the results show that most of the foreign building codes will not sound insulation walls and openings into the regulatory benchmark project evaluation system is set to provide design or related design guidelines refer to enhance indoor sound quality of the environment. Domestic residential property assessment approach has set benchmarks sound insulation exterior wall openings, green building and green building indoor environmental indicators are also relevant benchmark, but the opening of the applicable sound insulation regulations walls and bases and management mechanism remains to be further established. (2) This study pooled sound insulation walls and openings live performance given the amount of evaluation results, some cases can not be reached the sound environment-related reference value assessment system, RC-made exterior wall sound insulation up to Rw 50 dB or more, so the upgrade windows, sound insulation doors element of measures to improve the performance of the external wall sound insulation. Another urban traffic noise is a low-frequency characteristics, according to CNS 8465-1 No. 2 Ctr spectral correction term performance of the external wall sound insulation may be 2 ~ 3 dB reduction in volume. (3) To effectively improve the performance of the external walls and openings sound insulation design techniques, the results of this study have been compiled through literature and laboratory and field measurements, Proposed upgrade of the opening of the external walls and noise performance measures, including the design process, the amount sound insulation walls and openings scheduled evaluation and calculation, spatial configuration and design techniques to improve the noise performance of windows and doors. 3. Suggestions For immediate strategies: Conduct research to improve the performance of external wall sound insulation, external wall sound insulation develop the reference as a reference design. Sponsor: Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior Organizer: without Explanation: In order to ensure sound environmental quality domestic construction, new and existing buildings, facades and openings are to be improved noise performance, it is recommended to continue research and to develop external wall sound insulation as a the reference reference for the design, the other in response to the demand for natural ventilation is recommended that the ventilation window insulation into research projects. For long-term strategies: To ensure domestic building's exterior noise performance, the proposed spectrum correction term C, Ctr related research, as the basis for sound insulation the reference. Organizer: Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior Explanation: In our study of the test results and the relevant provisions of CNS 8465-1, spectrum correction term C, Ctr. For affected sound insulation performance of a certain degree, it is suggested that the spectrum correction term C, Ctr included in the follow-up research projects to provide residential property valuation, Green Building Material, green building and other external sound insulation performance benchmark reference.