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Study on the Evaluation Method for the Emission of Plasticizers for Green Building Materials


Due to the health and safety control of building materials, the European Commission set up the standard of CEN 16516. From 2011, they had started to use the lowest concentrations of interest (LCI) to be the unitary standard. The European Commission has announced that the new testing standard of CEN/TS 16516 which includes the examining of plasticizer would be applied on furniture in 2020. This study is about examining the plasticizer and showing the difference of the testing standard of plasticizer between Taiwan and other countries. According to CNS 16000-25 (part 25), setting up the testing method for SVOC and analyzing those existing green building materials are both included in the evaluation projects. This study uses the “experimental research”, like the “examining technology for plasticizer emission” to select those building materials which might be plasticizer included. For example, green building materials like “carpet, recycled wood, and latex paint”, etc., and none green building materials like carpet, floor tiles, latex paint, we will be able to test the plasticizer emission in small size containers throughout those small size building materials above. Comparing the result we got from the test and the plasticizer dissolution amount test, in that way we could get to know the difference between those two testing methods as well as to stop the SVOCs and plasticizer from affecting the interior air quality. The study result shows that among those green building materials which were examined in the study, only the recycled wood is plasticizer included. However, the test result shows those none green building materials are all plasticizer included. Therefore, this study used the “standard method for building materials’ plasticizer emission” to be the main testing method. It could control the health hazards of people effectively; meanwhile, it also can improve the environmental quality of the interior area.

(1)The CEN/TS 16516 which was set up by the European Commission is trying to make the plasticizer and TSVOC to be one of the must be tested items when we are choosing the building materials in the future.

(2)This study refers to CNS 16000-25 (part 25); the determination of interior SVOCs, and its testing parameter, methods, evaluation items and criteria. Above all, we could establish the main testing methods for SVOC, and use it to cumulative the sample of building materials’ emission with homoeothermic stable dispersion and high-temperature desorption. It could be applied to standardize the plasticizer emission of building materials.

(3)Adding the system to test the building materials’ emission (testing method of small containers), we could test the specifications such as system’s performance, quality control, and uncertainty of the experimental system, and it can be confirmed according to standard specifications, which can increase the experimental detection capability.