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Research on Evaluation Review and Inspection and Diagnostic Standards of Building External Wall Ceramic Tiles


Buildings are supposedly safe and comfortable premises with the functions in wind shield, rain shelter, sun screening, and blocking of foreign object invasion.

Relevant research statistics reveal the peak of building construction in Taiwan was between 1981 and 1994. Nonetheless the data released by Kaohsiung City Building

Public Safety Network website showed the result of a previous investigation conducted in 2014 regarding the external wall ceramic tiles for apartment buildings of six floors or higher in Kaohsiung, where the external wall ceramic peel-off ratio for apartment buildings over 16 years has already surpassed 20%. Adopting the building history of 16 years as the watershed for building external wall ceramic tiles to degrade,it is foreseeable that the majority of building external ceramic decorative tiles in Taiwan has started or entered the stage of degradation.

The awkward situation of ceramic tiles peeling off buildings is very frequent. The extreme hot summer in Taiwan with great temperature range between morning and evening, plus the rainwater penetrating into external wall structure during raining reason, all contribute to the acceleration of degradation in external wall decoration.

The different expansion coefficient between ceramic tiles and concrete is likely to cause peeling-off and falling between the ceramic tiles and external wall concrete. For this reason, in times of cold seasons and intense change of climate, the government would repeatedly call for the prevention of building ceramic tile falling-off and the

implementation of autonomous regular inspection. Meanwhile road users are reminded for precaution to avoid dangerous accidents.

The outcome of the research may be applied to the reference for competent authority in the execution of safety check and reporting work on building external wall ceramic tiles. The main purpose consists of the following two points:

1. Submit the evaluation checklist for building external wall ceramic tile decoration.

2. Estimate the quantity for reporting the evaluation review of building external wall decoration to provide reference for competent authority in the promotion of designing building public safety check report.

To achieve the aforementioned purpose, the research analyzes the existing relevant regulations and forms in Taiwan, under the content of research outlined below:

1. Collect the regulations governing the evaluation of existing building external all ceramic tiles examination and compare the evaluation items and content developed

by municipal, county (city) government.

2. Draft the execution practice for the evaluation and review of building external wall ceramic tiles.

3. Apply statistics data such as the age of buildings in Taiwan to define the execution of reporting work on the building external wall decoration evaluation and review by year. The annual reporting quantity of the six municipalities and all over Taiwan will be comprehended for reparation of pre-planning.