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1Industry-Academy-Research Cooperation Promotion Plan for Smart Residential Community
2Green Building Materials Circular Economy Industry Chain Promotion Plan
3Full-Scale Smart Energy Management Platform Application Promotion Plan
4Exposure of Green Building, Green Building Material and Intelligent Building Labels
5Research on BIM-Assisted Residential Performance Evaluation and Design (I) Fire-Protection, Barrier-Free Environment, and Residential Maintenance Evaluation Categories
6Development of Phased Seismic Retrofit Reinforcement Regulations and Design Methods for Anti-Collapse of Existing Buildings
7Research on Innovative Green Building Materials Evaluation System and Verification System
8Study on the Evaluation Method for the Emission of Plasticizers for Green Building Materials
9Research on Quantitative Benefit Evaluation of Green Buildings on Urban Heat Island Mitigation and Outdoor Thermal Comfort
10Research on the Development of Test Methods for Optical Performance Degradation of Glazing Insulation Film for Building Glass
11Research on Evaluation Review and Inspection and Diagnostic Standards of Building External Wall Ceramic Tiles
12Validation of Fire Performance of Wooden Constructed Wall-Mounted Load-Bearing Wall
13Technology Improvement Project on Certification for Field Performance of Smoke Control System of Building Fire
14Study on The Description Handbook of Barrier-free Facilities Specifications Design Code
15Study on Feasibility of Elevator Without Pit Barrier-free Lifting Equipment