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Create a safe, comfortable, healthy, convenient, and sustainable building environment through a visionary leadership and perspective.

Development of Intelligent Dwelling Spaces

Applying the characteristic advantage of domestic electronic, information and communication technologies and seizing the intelligent living technology development trends, the ABRI aims to create a safe, healthy, convenient, comfortable, energy saving, and sustainable living environment via utilizing advanced intelligent living technology in our cities, communities, as well as households. In addition, the ABRI also introduces the RFID technology to the building industry and integrates the information of design, construction, and maintenance for buildings, in order to stimulate the development of new construction and building products, to enhance public safety and disaster prevention mechanisms, to facilitate the disassembly and reuse of building materials, and to prolong building’s life span and durability.

Vitalization of the Building Industrial Economy

The ABRI aims to establish a sound market mechanism of the building industry based on the transparent real estate market information, including conducting Taiwan’s real estate economic trend studies and providing public trusted and reliable cycle indicators.

Promotion of Green Building and Environmental Control Technology

Through the promotion of ecological, energy saving, waste reducing, and healthy green buildings and the implementation of the building energy conservation policy, the ABRI aims to provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, to advance the knowledge-based economic development, to achieve waste reduction and resources efficiency, to assist the industry upgrading, as well as to create a green environmental-friendly subtropical Taiwan.

Planning for Safe Housing and Disaster Prevention

The ABRI aims to conduct the integral research on urban disaster prevention, to develop new disaster mitigation technology, to encourage the application of research achievements, to carry out community disaster prevention planning, to strengthen disaster prevention concepts, as well as to build a safer and more sustainable home land with disaster prevention functions.

Establishment of Fire Safety Regulation

The ABRI aims to establish regulations and programs, to develop fire outbreak prevention, fire spread control, and structure damage prevention technology, and to promote the application of smoke control and means of escape technology.

Development of Innovative Engineering Technology

The ABRI aims to promote seismic resistant building technology and wind resistant experiments and research, to consolidate building structures, to reform the regulations and standards, as well as to develop building construction automation and innovative building materials.

Establishment of Holistic Life Care Building Spaces

In order to meet the living requirement of people of all ages and different physical needs, the ABRI aims to establish a universal barrier-free space and a safe living environment for buildings to satisfy the public requirements for living quality.

Preservation of Historical and Cultural Buildings

A building is the movement of history, the symbol of culture, and the creature of science and art. The ABRI aims to conduct historical and cultural building preservation, renovation and restoration research, to enhance the structure restoration, preservation condition and preservation technologies, as well as to increase the seismic resistant, pest control and corrosive reducing function of historical buildings.

Establishment of Building Performance Certification Labels

The ABRI aims to develop building label certification systems and to promulgate various performance assessment indicators, such as fire prevention label, seismic resistant label, green building label, green building material label, and intelligent building label.

Improvement of Experiment and Testing Capability

Three national laboratory centers of the ABRI for experimenting and testing include the Fire Laboratory Center, Performance Laboratory Center, and Material Laboratory Center. With good uses of laboratory facilities, the ABRI aims to accumulate localized data as the research basis for building regulations and standards, and to upgrade industry with stronger international competitiveness.