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Directions for the Accreditation of Intelligent Building Label Evaluation Organizations.

  • Date:2021-02-26

1.The Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as the “MOI”) has formulated the guidelines herein to execute the evaluation of the Intelligent Building Label by the designated professional evaluation organization for Intelligent Building Label (hereinafter referred to as the “PEO”).
2.The PEO shall fulfill the following qualifications:
(1)Be a government agency, state-run enterprise, non-profit juridical association, foundation, or public or registered private school at university or higher level.
(2)Have at least one meeting venue where evaluation work may be conducted.
(3)Employ at least one full-time technical personnel with a university degree or higher in the related specialization including architecture, mechanical/electrical engineering and information technology, who has practical work experience in intelligent building and will execute the review of drawings and documents submitted in the applications.
(4)Employ at least one full-time administrative personnel with a college degree or higher in the related specialization including architecture, building construction, civil engineering, mechanical/electrical engineering and information technology, who has at least one year of administrative work experience and who will assist with the compilation of administrative documents.
(5)Have an electronic (Internet) work environment where information about the evaluation work may be published.
(6)Convene at least twenty-one MOI-approved experts and scholars in disciplines related to intelligent building including architecture, mechanical/electrical engineering and information technology to form the evaluation committee.
(7)Executes follow-up review work for the indicators specified on the Intelligent Building Label or Intelligent Building Candidate Certificate.
(8)Other work executed or handled by the organization must not affect the fairness of its evaluation work.
Experts and scholars referred to in the preceding Subparagraph 6 may be representatives with expertise and experience in the intelligent building indicators convened from a related domestic agency, school or group, who must sign a letter of consent and an affidavit declaring that he/she may not he hired by another PEO designated in accordance with the guidelines herein.
3.Anyone who fulfills all the qualifications prescribed in Article 2 herein may apply to the MOI to become a designated PEO by submitting a completed application form, an execution plan and one original and one photocopy each of the proof of qualification.
The valid period of the preceding designation is three years. The PEO shall apply to the MOI for re-designation within six months prior to the expiry date.
Should the MOI deem an application for designation or re-designation to require additional document(s), the Applicant shall be notified in writing to rectify the deficiency within two months upon receipt of such notice; an Applicant who fails to rectify the deficiency within two months upon receipt of notice may apply for an extension by submitting explanatory document(s) within the deadline; such extension is limited to once and for a maximum period of two months. An application that has not been rectified within the deadline shall be rejected.
4.The MOI may convene experts to form a qualification committee for the review and approval of the PEO designation and experts and scholars to be included in the evaluation committee.
5.Upon approval by the qualification committee, the successful Applicant will be designated a PEO by the MOI and such designation will be published.
6.The execution plan to be included in the application to become a designated PEO shall include the following:
(1)An introduction of nature of the applicant agency.
(2)A description of the delegation of the dedicated personnel.
(3)The composition of the evaluation committee and its assembling status.
(4)The evaluation procedure (including on-site inspection for the Label).
(5)Scheduling control for the evaluation work.
(6)How consultation services is provided to the Applicants.
(7)Rules for follow-up review work and processing.
(8)Available hardware facilities including a meeting venue.
(9)Available information technology equipment.
(10)Charge standards for the evaluation work (including charged items, charge schedule and case cost analysis).
The applicant agency may establish an evaluation committee each in the north, central and south region as required by its business. The evaluation committee in each region shall have at least seven members, who may not overlap; each committee shall have a meeting venue, which shall be specified in the execution plan.
7.Where there have been any changes to the conditions prescribed in Subparagraphs 2, 3, 5, 7 and 10 of Paragraph 1, Article 6 herein, the designated PEO shall submit the relevant documents to the MOI for approval.
8.The full-time technical personnel, full-time administrative personnel and members of the evaluation committee of the designated PEO shall participate in educational training held by the MOI or MOI-commissioned agencies or groups.
9.The MOI may conduct a random check or inspection aperiodically on the evaluation work of the PEO as the need arises and may convene experts and scholars to join in such effort where necessary.
10.The MOI may rescind its designation should any of the following situations apply to the designated PEO:
(1)Deficiency in the required personnel, facility or equipment and failure to rectify the deficiency according to the requirements.
(2)Other work executed or handled by the PEO affects the fairness of its evaluation work.
(3)Failure to execute the work according to the requirements or charge standards, upon investigation and verification.
(4)False or inaccurate evaluation.
(5)Acceptance of undue benefit.
(6)Loss of ability to execute the work.
(7)Other situations deemed by the MOI to be a gross breach in conducting evaluation-related work.
The PEO referred to in the preceding paragraph may not apply for accreditation within one year of the rescinding of its accreditation.
11.The PEO shall submit, every six months, a report to the MOI for record outlining its execution of evaluation work and random checks and recommendations for the Intelligent Building Label and Intelligent Building Candidate Certificate.