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Building Seismic Design Manual(Ⅰ)

  • Investigator:葉超雄
In 1997, Ministry of Interior issued a Seismic Design of Structure chapter in building technical regulation. All the structural design of buildings in Taiwan must follow the "Specification of Seismic Design for Buildings". This seismic design handbook is to collect the information concerning the seismic design regulations of buildings and provide some examples of calculation for structural design such that the engineer can follow.This report is the first part of the handbook, the contents are as follows 1. Introduction to Earthquake Engineering 2. Building Earthquake Resistant Engineering Design Specifications 3. Static Analysis Method of Horizontal Seismic Force. 4. Dynamic Response and Dynamic Analysis of Building 5. Key Notes on the Review of Tall Building Structural Design 6. Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Building Structure 7. Seismic Design of Steel Building Structure